Gregorio Delgado, MD. 

Author & Cancer Surgeon

This is a personal book about one man's determination to be a world class cancer surgeon. In Trails from Tarapoto, Dr. Delgado recalls his childhood days when small town living was simple and walking was a way of life. His intriguing biography focuses on the human side of cancer surgery, based on personal experiences in and outside the operating room – the cathedral of learning. Trails will interest those wishing to know more about the expectations and fears of ‘the man behind the mask’ and how he views surgical procedures in the future.

“Trails from Tarapoto traces one man’s path from remote South America to leadership in some of the world’s most prestigious cancer organizations and academic medical centers. What leaps from the pages of is the importance that hard work and integrity played in that climb. Dr. Delgado’s life has taught generations of physicians that service to others and developing a realistic but optimistic view of the world is at least as important as meticulous surgical technique and daring research ingenuity...” George Lewandowski M.D., Physician in residence, John Carroll University. Read more reviews >

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