Gregorio Delgado, MD. 

Author & Cancer Surgeon

Customer Testimonials

“Trails from Tarapoto traces one man’s path from remote South America to leadership in some of the world’s most prestigious cancer organizations and academic medical centers. What leaps from the pages of is the importance that hard work and integrity played in that climb. Dr. Delgado’s life has taught generations of physicians that service to others and developing a realistic but optimistic view of the world is at least as important as meticulous surgical technique and daring research ingenuity. His wisdom is timeless and true across disciplines: both mentors and trainees would be well-served by studying the lessons that he shares."

- George Lewandowski M.D., Physician in residence, John Carroll University


“Join this surgeon on the Trail From Tarapoto. He began walking everywhere but fortunately for us and for many cancer patients at Georgetown University School of Medicine, his journey passed this way. Gregorio Delgado embodied every aspect of the Jesuit approach to cura personalis, care of the whole patient—and each patient benefited from that care and approach.”

- Stephen Ray Mitchell, MD, MBA, MACP, FAAP, FACR, Dean of Medical Education, Georgetown Medical School, Washington DC


“I’ve had the privilege of knowing Greg Delgado now for over 30 years. He taught me so much about being a cancer surgeon during my time as a fellow and a junior faculty member. “Trouble for nothing” I say often to my trainees. That was Greg’s way of saying “the enemy of good is better” is very important as a cancer surgeon to step back and not lose sight of what the goals of surgery in these very complicated patients are. New technologies in the treatment of cancer are always important. I view any techniques that take a pair of Metzenbaum’s scissors out of Greg Delgado’s hands with a touch of sadness. A pair of Metzenbaum’s in his hands was “magic”.

- Ronald K. Potkul, M.D., Mary Isabelle Caestecker Professor and Chair Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology. Director, Division of Gynecologic Oncology Loyola University of Chicago, Stritch School of Medicine.

April 16, 2015
Gregorio Delgado, MD loved life in his little town Tarapoto. Little did he know he later would work at one of the best cancer centers in the world. Gregorio Delgado, MD worked at various medical schools. He worked very, very hard. At Georgetown he worked long into the night with his trusty tools nurse. Gregorio Delgado, MD had many experiences in the OR. He even worked with robotic surgery! I feel he has made a huge impact on cancer surgery and we are just inching closer to the day cancer is cured. By Sam Delgado (Dr. Delgado's Grandson)