B.eautiful is a Japanese based and inspired clothing brand that was in need of a complete redesign of its website. The goal of the redesign project was to create an efficient and visually pleasing checkout process for its users.

Design Process

Based on the research findings, the following design decisions were made:


A simple and intuitive navigation system was created to allow users to easily find what they were looking for. The navigation menu was placed on the left side of the page and categorized items into categories such as “New” and “Tops” or "Outerwear".

Product Pages

The product pages were designed to provide as much information as possible about each item, including images, product descriptions, and available sizes. The “Add to Cart” button was prominently displayed, making it easy for users to make a purchase.

Checkout Process

The checkout process was streamlined to reduce friction and make it as easy as possible for users to complete their purchase. The user was able to see a preview of their cart, and was able to quickly modify their order if needed. Payment options were clearly presented, and users were able to complete their purchase with just a few clicks.


Once the mid fidelity design was complete, it was tested with a small group of users to ensure that it met the needs and preferences of the target audience. The testing was a success, with users reporting that the website was easy to use and that the checkout process was quick and efficient.

Final Product

The redesign was tested with a small group of users and resulted in an improved user experience and increased conversions for the brand. By taking into account the needs and preferences of its target audience, I was able to create a website that not only looked good, but was also user-friendly and efficient.
Check out the prototype below.

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