Cook, Eat, Enjoy!

Earth Made Kitchen is a virtual and in-person cooking school that offers cooking workshops. The brand aims to expand its current site and include guest chefs to partake in online workshops.

As a team our objective was to create an engaging site for Earth Made Kitchen that addresses the needs of Amanda, the brand's creator, and her customers. The site should also speak more of the brand's language and create more opportunities for people to sign up for the classes.

Our Approach

To understand the users' needs and pain points to create a virtual cooking class that truly meets the needs of busy parents, the team took a user-centric approach.

User Research

The team interviewed five parents who cook for their families weekly and asked them about their daily cooking decisions and what would motivate them to sign up for a virtual cooking class. The insights and quotes were placed into an affinity map. User flows and journey maps were created based on the usability research.

Ideal Persona

We created Tammy who is the ideal persona for Earth Made Kitchen. Tammy is a hardworking mother who balances a full-time job with her passion for cooking.
This persona helped gather further information about our users goals and frustrations are towards cooking and cooking classes.

Ideation & Design

After conducting research to understand the users' needs and pain points, the team started ideating design solutions to address the problem at hand. The team created low fidelity sketches and narrowed down the important design elements.

Designing for Culinary Delight

I designed a high fidelity version that was based on the users' needs and insights I gathered from testing our mid fidelity prototype. The hi fidelity version included improvements to the layout, information architecture, and design system.

"Where could I sign up?"

We improved the call to action buttons and headers to increase conversion rates. Adding bright colors and more engaging placement for the users to clearly identify them.


Chose a cleaner font /text styles for the copy on the improved site. The new text improved readability and made certain elements clearer to understand for the users.

Refreshing and Clean

Created a brighter and friendlier feeling on the site with new imagery and color palette. Adding earthier and cleaner tones to the site improved engagement and made the site more inviting overall.


The hi fidelity version was tested with three users, and the team reviewed the design for the final iteration. Based on the feedback from the testing, the team made minor adjustments to the site's layout and copy to improve the overall user experience.

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