Immersive Language Learning Experience
My Role: UX Designer, User Research, Ideation

A language learning experience which connects users within DuoLingo to practice their language of choice in a real world scenario.

E-Commerce Website Redesign
My Role: UX|UI Designer, UX Research

B.Eautiful is a Japanese based/inspired clothing brand that was in need of a complete redesign of its website. The goal of the redesign project was to create an efficient and visually pleasing checkout process for its users.

Virtual Cooking Class Website Redesign
My Role: UX Designer, User Research, Ideation

Earth Made Kitchen is a virtual and in-person cooking school that offers cooking workshops. The brands goal was to expand its current site.

Skateboarding Brand
My Role: Creative Director, Graphic Design

VORTEX is a skateboarding brand that was influenced by my passion for art, music, and street culture.